Training Sessions on Performing and Public Speaking

My personal beliefs and experience that I have gained over more than 20 years hosting different events and being a moderator at conferences.

Main topics discussed:

  • Reasons for stage fright
  • How to manage stage fright
  • How to boost self-confidence
  • How to prepare for public speaking
  • Basics of good public speaking skills
  • Voice and how to use it well on different stages. How to use pauses effectively
  • Workshop – how to appear self-confident and positive
  • Different techniques for conquering stage fright. Exercises to improve speech articulation
  • Managing the audience. What to do if you reach a dead end. Answering the questions from the audience. Common mistakes in public speaking 
The training sessions are filled with positive energy, and a lot of stand-up elements are being used.
The length of the training sessions can be arranged according to the client’s wish, ranging from a 45-minute motivational presentation to an 8-hour training session with practical exercises.